Our Environmental Policy

As a company which is conscious about its environmental responsibilities, Sakelli has determined methods and put them into practice in order to determine the environmental extents and effects of its activities during all of the phases and supporting processes starting from the manufacturing of the product until the completion of the shipment. Sakelli will remain sensitive about all of its activities being carried out without causing environmental pollution.

Therefore the following points have been adopted as our principles;

  • Obeying all regulations and administrative arrangements regarding the environment

  • Establishing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, apply effectively and provide the sources necessary for maintaining its sustainability

  • Using of energy and natural resources optimally

  • Following environmental criteria with regards to the usage of raw and auxiliary material, taking the adverse effects of these materials under control

  • Prevention of pollution, reducing the waste and source separation in order to reach maximum recycling rates

  • Raising employee awareness with the training provided about the environment, informing them and generating motivation

  • Sharing the procedures that are carried out with the employees, keeping them open to public interest and taking the expectations of every shareholder into consideration

  • Keeping the environmental factor in consideration within new investments and projects

  • Reforming environmental performance constantly.

We set new targets every year for a clean environment and a healthy future. While our prime target is to generate as little waste as possible, we classify the waste produced during manufacturing, try to recycle and dispose those which cannot be recycled in a way that is no harm to the environment and in accordance with the law.

In order to reduce our usage of natural resources and production of waste to the lowest level possible, we try to develop new methods, aim to prevent environmental pollution with environmentally friendly projects and maintain the sustainability of the systems built within the frame of environmental protection policies.