Our Quality Policy

Sakelli’s quality policy is based on “customer satisfaction”.

The aim of Sakelli is to provide products suitable with the high standards and technical conditions it sets.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, it is evaluated whether the customer’s conditions are met or not, and the changing expectations of the customer are shared with the employees; and product improvement as well as certification works are performed. Training courses are organized in order to raise vendor awareness, the smallest dissatisfaction about the product is taken into consideration and reform procedures are carried out.

At Sakelli, “happiness of employees” is the most important requirement in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Decisions are made after taking the relevant employees’ opinions and in accordance with the “participation” principle. It is ensured that individuals are equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to undertake liability and responsibilities relevant to their position. An environment in which everyone adopts their own role and is happy about the work they carry out is targeted. While the responsibility belongs to individuals, group activity is also encouraged, and group success is considered above individual success.

In order for the company to improve its competitive advantages within the markets, a “cost-conscious” attitude is adopted and importance is put on how to achieve savings. In accordance with all these principles, Sakelli shows constant effort to reach a better level than it currently stands on.